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Jumaat, Ogos 14, 2009

Contoh rakyat didahulukan.....

Macam mana kata pro aktif...sepatutnya mereka yang di klinik kesihatan ditambah jururawat dan doktor bukannya menghalau pesakit...

Andai kata betul positif H1N1 dan lambat dikenalpasti...melayang lagi nyawa-nyawa rakyat tak berdosa ini.

Ini rakyat dikuburkan.....bukan didahulukan

Patients rudely denied treatment

I would like to highlight a shocking incident which happened at Klinik Kesihatan Selayang in Sungai Tua.

The clinic was scheduled to close at 9.30pm but as patients arrived around 8.30pm, there was a sign placed at the counter saying there were no more numbers for patients.

With the high risk of the A (H1N1) flu, it shows great irresponsibility on the part of the clinic staff who rudely turned people away just because they had run out of numbers.

I personally saw the staff at the counter rudely telling a couple with a very sick-looking child to go to Selayang Hospital. I’m not aware of any ruling that allows clinics to turn away patients due to shortage of numbers.

I’m hopeful that action will be taken by the Health Ministry to rectify this situation.


Letter copy from thestar.com.my

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